Aging networks – low maintenance – overflowing reservoirs and tanks – damaged/vandalised infrastructure

Every public water system is plagued with water leaks.

What are you doing about yours.

With specialised acoustic listening equipment and experienced operators we WILL find your leaks on networks – at complexes – shopping centres


  • Logging of zone supply to establish level of potential leakage volumes before intervention and during leak repairs to be able to quantify reduction in losses. ‘Before & After.
  • Visual leak surveys of networks (or sweeping).
    • Positions are documented with recommendations for, way forward for each leak..
  • A host of different techniques and equipment are used to find and pinpoint leaks.
  • Bulk pipeline balancing across a length of pipeline to determine volumes lost between 2 points using ultrasonic clamp-on meters.
Leak Detection and Repair (105 downloads)