Reverse Osmosis Without Pump

Five Stages: PP+UDF+CTO+RO+T33

1st Stage: PP Sediment Filter

Functions: Removing sand, rust, mud, sediment in water

2nd Stage: Granular Active Carbon Filter

Functions: Removing bad smell & filtering organic sediment

3rd Stage: Block Active Carbon Filter

Function: Removes bad tastes and odours as well as chlorine and organics

4th Stage: Reverse Osmosis Membrane Filter

Function: Removing germs, virus, corpuscle, other solute & chemicals

5th Stage: In-line Post active Carbon Filter

Function: Adjusting & improving water taste


Membrane: 100GPD
Operation Pressure: 50-100psi
Dimension: 40*30*58cm (system tank together
Weight: 12 kg
Tank: 3.2Gallon (28*28*37cm)

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