Ion Exchange Systems/ Softeners

We stock and can deliver any quantity of high quality resins in Africa.  Ion exchangers are used to remove salts from the water. It consists of a resin containing acidic and basic molecules. These exchange with the anions and cations that form the salt, effectively removing them from the water.

Ion exchange processes are widely used for:

– Water softening for industrial & household potable and process water
– Demineralisation/deionization of boiler feed water
– Pharmaceutical processes
– Food & Beverage
– Metals recovery
– Arsenic removal by use of specialised ion exchange resins.

Absolute Process Technologies provides a comprehensive range of ion exchange solutions and services including ion exchanger valves and spare parts, a selection of high grade resins, and pre-packaged ion exchange units.

Our range of Resins:

– Mixed bed Resin
– Softening resin
– Anion Resin
– Cation Resin

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