Soft Drinks And Bottled Water

Typical applications include raw water filtration, de-chlorination, product/ingredient clarification and control of microorganisms such as Cryptosporidium. Absolute Process Technologies has a range of filter products that can provide the ideal solution to your process requirements.

Primary Filtration

Some of the raw materials used in soft drink production may contain particles that can affect final product quality. Filtration can remove both visible particles and the very fine contaminants that can cause background haze (polishing filtration). Typically depth and pleated cartridges are used for water filtration and pleated cartridges for the filtration of syrup or other viscous additives. Where coloured impurities are present activated carbon cartridges can provide a clean simple method to remove these contaminants.

Fine Filtration and Micro-organism Control

Fine Filtration can be used for final polishing to produce a bright product or for the removal of microorganisms such as yeasts, Cryptosporidium oocysts and Giardia lamblia. For this application we would recommend absolute pleated cartridges. Where Cryptosporidium removal is required we can offer special ‘Crypto’ grade filters which have been qualified for this application.

Where sterile filtration of bottled water is required prior to bottling we recommend the use of 0.45 or 0.2 µm pleated filters.


Food processing is no less demanding in its quest for high quality filtration products to support the increasing value of the products processed, to ensure consumer protection and customer satisfaction. With a host of special applications, our products are successfully used on Dairy products, Edible Oils, Sugars and Vinegars as well as Fermentation and a host of other food production processes. APT supplies  depth cartridges, as well as a range of filter bags and mesh strainer baskets which  offer a cost effective solution for a range of applications including particle removal from edible oils, syrups, flavourings or sauces and for water filtration.

Water Filtration

Water is an important part of the process whether used for cleaning and rinsing or in the production process. Food and beverage manufacturers around the world have come to rely on depth and pleated premium quality filter cartridges for removal of particulates and microorganisms.


Gases (Compressed air, CO2 and N2)

Gases that come into contact with the product should be filtered to prevent recontamination. Critical gas applications include blanketing gases (N2 or CO2 used to blanket tanks or pipework), carbonation and nitrogenisation.


Filtration systems used in manufacturing may be steam sterilised in-situ and the steam used to do this should be filtered to prevent it causing premature blockage of, or damage to, the process filter.

For this application we recommend stainless steel mesh cartridges (10 µm absolute).