Absolute Process Technologies has vast amounts of experience with the  automotive manufacturing plants in South Africa. We have the capabilities to meet the key demands of this industry – top quality products, competitive pricing and a service level of the highest order.

Absolute Process Technologies are able to offer a solution to meet all your filtration needs. We have experience in all key areas of the Car Plant including:

  • Press Shop
  • Pre-treatment /E-Coat / Mastic
  • Paint Kitchen
  • Water Systems/Filter Hardware

We supply an extensive range of liquid filtration systems, providing one of the widest selections of filtration vessels to complement our comprehensive ranges of depth filters and pleated cartridges. Filters are manufactured in clean room conditions and all products come with detailed Product Validation Guides and Technical Support documentation.

Car Body Pre-Treatment

Filtration plays an important role in the degreasing and pre treatment process carried out prior to the paint process. Cars bodies coming from the assembly plant will be contaminated by oil, metallic weld splatter and general debris. These will be transferred to the re-circulating degreasing liquids during the cleaning process and will need to be removed by filtration.  Filter bags rated at 50 – 100 µm including the special oil absorbing filter bags are excellent for this application. Filtration is also key for maintaining the quality and effectiveness of rinsing water and the phosphate pretreatment solutions. Products used for these applications are  filter bags, Typically they will be rated at 10 – 100 µm.

Electrophoretic Paint (E-Coat)

Designing an effective E-coat process is key to achieving a high quality final paint finish. Filtration is a critical part of the E-coat process and is typically required to remove poorly dispersed paint, hardened resin, skin fragments and general debris that may contaminate the bath.. Typical products used to filter the E-coat paint are filter bags rated at 10um – 25µm. Post E-coat rinsing water is typically filtered using filter bags  rated at 10 – 50µm.

Sealant Deck / Mastic Application

PVC sealants, waxes and mastics, used to prevent water ingress and corrosion of joints and spaces, are highly viscous and high pressure systems are required for their application. Filtration of these products is vital to prevent blockage of the gun nozzles, but with viscosities of 70,000 – 100,00 cP this presents a particular challenge. To address this offer high strength stainless steel cartridges and the high pressure housings. The system is suitable for pressures up to 350 bar and filters are available with ratings between 400 and 1200 µm to ensure optimum protection for the gun nozzles.

Paint Kitchen

The various paints used in the Paint Kitchen present different challenges to the filtration systems. Primers, Base coats (Top coats), Clearcoats (Lacquers), metallic and mica based paints all require clarification to ensure particles do not produce paint defects or block spray nozzles. The filters however, also need to allow paint pigments and metallic components to pass through (classification). We offer a wide range of clarifying and classifying filters. We are able to offer the optimum solution for contaminant removal on the paint feed and return lines. Typical products used are filter bags rated at 50 – 250 µm, depth filter cartridges rated at 50 – 70 µm for Primers, 70 – 90 µm for Basecoat and Clearcoats, and 150 – 180 µm for Mica / Metallic paints. Where there are higher levels of pigment or larger sized Mica / Metallic components that may cause depth filters to block quickly we recommend  filter cartridges rated at 100 to 400 µm.

Ultrafiltration (UF) System

The UF membranes used to process waste liquids from the paint process are expensive and the incorporation of effective filtration can prevent premature fouling and expensive membrane replacement. For this application we recommend filter bags  1 – 10 µm.