Absolute Process Technologies is a process management specialist company, providing solutions to companies that are looking for the latest in products and technology for process control and purification of fluids. We also offer products for the residential market.

By providing products and technology at competitive rates, we aim to add value to our customers business. Absolute Process Technologies is able to provide the perfect solution for your process needs. We are able to source product from both local and international suppliers at competitive prices.

With experience in the oil and gas, food and beverage, automotive, mining and energy industry, from plant and system, design to development, commissioning or consulting, all areas of expertise can be catered for by Absolute Process Technologies.

APT provides turnkey solutions for industrial, municipal and residential applications. We are specialists in the design and implementation of custom engineered filtration systems to meet our client’s requirements. Our specialist knowledge is in the conceptual design of a system, often saving the client large percentages of his initial estimate by reducing costs.

For already existing projects that need further construction, maintenance or optimisation, we supply general contracting and consulting solutions.

We place an emphasis on using equipment manufactured from corrosion-free materials as a satisfactory solution to corrosion protection. Consequently everything that is supplied by us is as far as possible, made from homogeneous non-corrodible materials.

As part of Absolute Process Technologies turnkey solutions, we provide full maintenance and operations services on an ongoing or project basis to service and maintain plants of all sizes. In addition we ensure all safety, health and quality controls.

Our team of specialists train and develop the client’s staff to effectively manage the day-today running of the plant. Our technical services are always available should queries arise.